Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Boogie Tunes

Boogie Tunes?

Not a term that was heavily used in the North. I first came across the phrase "boogie tune" on a series of compilation albums that everyone got in order to have a copy of Starvue Body Fusion

It was a term that I heard more and more after spending time in London. Clubs would list "boogie" as being played on the flyer. The music I would hear in the club would have the tempo of disco but the production would have a more electronic 80's production.

For a more detailed explanation of this genre of music check this article by Greg Wilson


Rhyze – Do your dance
New Jersey Connection – Love don’t come easy
Exodus – Together Forever
Unlimited Touch – In the middle
80’s Ladies – I knew that love
Plunky & The oneness of JuJu – Everyway but loose
Shades of love – Keep in touch (body to body)
Convertion – Let’s do it
Inner life – Moment of my life
Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day – Come let me love
Conway & Temple – You can lay your head on my shoulder (Love lights)
The Jammers – What have you got to lose?

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Nice One! On my ipod now