Thursday, 29 October 2009

2 Step Rare Groove Mix Vol 2

Wizdom - I'm So In Love With You
Eramus Hall - You're Love Is My Desire
Bar Kays - Open Your Heart
Ben.E.King - Street Tough
Leroy Hutson - So Nice
Natural High - I Think I'm Fallling In Love With You
Bobby Womack - How Could You Break My Heart
Rita Wright - Touch Me. Take Me
Silk - Can't Stop Turning You On
Maxi - Lover To Lover
Paris - I Choose You

2 Step Rare Groove Mix 2 by passthefeelingon

1 comment:

pat kingi said...

Great music mate. You've put together a mix of some of my all-time favorites with my new favorites. The best!! Keep up the great work.

Hope you don't mind - I've put this mix into rotation on my radio station in NZ. In the soul mix-tape show on Thursday nights...