Sunday, 7 September 2008

80's Soul Mix Vol 1

Tashan – Read my mind
Atlantic Starr – When love calls
SOS Band – High Hopes
Kleer – Tonight
Juicy – Sugar Free
Loose Ends – Choose Me
Barbara Mason – Another Man
Tom Browne – Brighter Tomorrow
Gwen Guthrie – 7th Heaven
Switch – Keepin Secrets
Viola Wills – Dare to Dream
BB&Q – Genie
52nd Street – Tell Me How it Feels
Roberta Gilliam – All I Want is My Baby


rapattack said...
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rapattack said...

Any chance of a podcast of this 80's Soul Mix Vol 1?! Pretty please with sugar and honey on top?

rapattack said...

It's ok Geoff not to worry mate. I managed to rip from the net at full 192kbps mixes buddy, thanks :) said...

Hi Mr Rapattack

Just seen your comment
This should be on my podcast page, check the right hand side of the blog
If you want to DL you can right click on the divshare logo and then go onto "download original"
Thanks for checking out the blog

westcoastfantasy said...

This is a nice mix. Dang, this mix is so like one I would make. You had most of the songs I have and like. I've lived in the UK during the 80s so these jams were the popular hits.