Monday, 17 August 2009

Passthefeelingon Vol 2


Lorett Fleur - Best Friend
Deborah Jordan ft Replife - Home
Eric Roberson ft T3 - Further
M64 - Rhythm Of the Drum
24 Karat - Cafe Bahia (4 Hero Remix)
Masirah - Find A Way
Guynamite ft Shea Soul - Set Free
Slum Village ft Marsha Ambrosious - Cloud 9
DJ Mitsu The Beats - ft Jose James - Promise In Love
Marc Mac ft Phonte - Take A Trip
Jay Are - It's Jay Are
Yellowtail ft Jose James - Kings And Queens

Passthefeelingon Vol 2 by passthefeelingon

1 comment:

SoulNRnB said...

Great selection of Tunes here!!

A mix after my own heart!! 4Hero, Eric Roberson, slum village (Elzhi RIP)...whats not to like!!

Good work mate.