Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Foreign Exchange- Leave It All Behind

Four years ago the album Connected was released. It was a collaboration between Little Brother emcee Phonte and Dutch producer Nicolay. This album came about through the exchange of music over instant messenger. Not the case on the follow up as Nicolay has relocated from Holland and now resides in North Carolina, close to his Little Brother associates

Mine and many peoples favourite track on Connected was the soulful number "Come Around". Leave It All Behind continues in this direction with mainly soulful vocals provided by Darien Brockington, vocalist on Come Around as well as Muhsinah, Yahzarah and the biggest surprise of all Phonte, who proves himself to be an accomplished singer as well as an emcee.
Favourite track for me is the cover of a 1991 Stevie Wonder track which I'll admit to not knowing. "If She Breaks Your Heart" features the vocals of Yahzarah as well as additional production from Marc Mac
If She Breaks Your Heart - The Foreign Exchange


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