Thursday, 20 August 2009

Nicholas Kopernicus Audiocentric

Nicholas Kopernicus is an instrumental duo that consists of Producer/Pianist/Songwriter Jason "classicbeatz" Minnis and Guitarist/Songwriter Seon Gomez. Their debut album Audiocentric,(dropping mid august 09) can be described as a modern journey through music of the African Diaspora. Afrobeat, Funk, Soul, Blues,Folk, Reggae, and Hip Hop are just a few of the influences that can be heard throughout the project.
Additional contributions from musicians like Dylan Heaney(saxophone), Brandy Means(flute), Manuel Lopez(percussion) and well as many others, help Audiocentric maintain an authenticity and groove that will keep the listener engaged from start to finish. These diverse influences as well as a focus on quality musicianship make Audiocentric a must have album for music fans of all stripes.

Grand Central(ft.Sixteenstone) by nkopernicus

Candle Dreams by nkopernicus

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OnTheBuzz said...

This is on a chilled soulful music vibe. Fresh