Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Eric Lau - Kilowatt V2 EP

A return for Londoner Eric Lau after his New Territories album. It comes in the shape of an E.P. , the second release for Kilawatt Music.

The E.P. features instrumental production from Eric as well as two high quality vocal tracks.
"Always Will" is a future soul track with vocals from the ubiqitous Muhsinah and keyboards from Kaidi Tatham (2000 Black, Silhouette Brown etc)
"No Regrets" is some mellow, soulful head nod hip hop featuring Washington DC's Oddisee.

The EP will be released on March 1st 2010 in CD and limited 7" format

Listen to a sample here

<a href="http://kilawattmusic.bandcamp.com/album/eric-lau-kilawatt-v2-ep">Always Will (ft. Muhsinah &amp; Kaidi Tatham) [Preview] by Kilawatt Music</a>

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Poppa LarJ said...

I've been blessed enough to hear this EP in advance of it's release...and all I caan say is, wow...Master Lau Delivers AGAIN!!!

If you like this, Support it...simple

Poppa LarJ...The Humble St*R