Wednesday, 31 March 2010

La Melodia - Chemistry / Working On It

La Melodia consists of female MC Melodee and producer/DJ I.N.T. from
Amsterdam. Together they bring you warm, soulful hiphop with a raw touch.
These last couple of months La Melodia has been working on new tracks.
Because of the everchanging music industry, they decided to consistently
release a couple of smaller projects instead of a full lenght album at
once. One of these releases is "Chemistry / Working on It". a limited edition 7" vinyl and digital release that is being put out by Philly-based independent label Record Breakin' Music.
"Chemistry" is a return to the boom bap style of hip hop with Melodee talking about relationships that we can all relate to. While "Working on It" introduces soulful newcomer, Steve Hartley. This instant classic has the perfect vibe that La Melodia is known for and the content is the familiar to so many of us in the music and art culture.

Available on 7" and digital download


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