Thursday, 17 April 2008

21st Century Soul Pt 1

I did this mix for a friends website (

It's a collection of current soul music that is doing it for me right now. What was encouraging when I compiled it was the diverse geographical locations the artists came from - USA, UK, Sweden, Japan, France and New Zealand

Sa Ra – So Special
Sy Smith – Time
W.Ellington Felton - 3 Sides
Erykah Badu – Honey
Yolanda Johnson (ft T3) – Intervention
Restless Soul - Draw your bow
Lady Alma- Running for nothing
Guynamite/ Selina Campbell – Those eyes
Electric Conversation – Paradise
Hanna & Beatr8 – Better than nothing
Low Budget Soul – I warned you (rise remix)

Download or stream the mix here


Marc Kets said...

Easy Geoff, looking forward to your selections and heads ups on here. Did you hear the DJ Day remix of Honey yet? It's on a donut and is very very good. said...

Cheers Marc

I'm having a play around with it

Currently trying to figure out how to embed music with divshare

I'm hoping it can help me blag some music :)