Saturday, 19 April 2008


D’Influence are my favourite group of the early nineties.
The group consists of Sarah Webb on vocals and Ed Baden-Powell, Kwame Kwaten
and Steve Marston.
Their first release was the raw and funky “I’m the one” which was released on the influential Acid Jazz records. This led to a deal with East West records and the first album Good 4 We released in 1992

This album contained the classic track Good Lover. The original album version had a slight house feel but it’s the Touch mix that is still a favourite of mine. The epitome of the early 90’s UK soul “stripdown sound”. The drums seem to be a sample of Kool and the Gangs NT break with a funky bassline over it. Topped off with Sarah Webb’s earthy vocals

This album was followed up in 1995 with their second long player Prayer 4 Unity and the lead track Midnite (see the above video)

Their final full album was released in 1997 entitled London. The stand out track being the Fonda Rae sampling Hypnotise.

Not only did they produce excellent music in the studio they were renowned for their lives shows. I had the pleasure of seeing them play live at the Forum in London’s Kentish Town and the show was a blast with Kwame impressing me as a showman who knew how to work the audience.
What they are involved in now I don’t know but D’Influence will always have a well deserved place in my music collection.

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Karuna said...

Been searching high and low for a copy of the "Praying 4 Unity" record, but it's not made anymore. If you know where I might be able to get the songs, would you let me know? Thanks! I love your blog!