Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Jay Dee Strange Funky Games and Things

I first heard Love Unlimited Orchestra's instrumental Strange Games and Things underpinning EPMD's Manslaughter. It was also the groove Tim Westwood used for the intro on his show when it was worth listening to occasionally.

This track was taken from Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra's 1976 album My Sweet Summer Suite

Love Unlimited Orchestra Strange Games and Things

Fast forward a few years and I purchased the third in the excellent Natural High compilations of 2 step soul and rare groove. Track 5 is by an artist called Jay Dee and this time the title has an extra word - Strange Funky Games and Things. Reading the sleave notes it reveals that the track is off a 1974, Barry White produced album called Come on in Love

I've never seen a copy of this album, I assume it is quite rare. I haven't heard any other tracks off the album but if they are touched by the hands of Barry White they can't be too shabby can they?

Jay Dee Strange Funky Games and Things


Marc Kets said...

Strange Funky Games and Things is one of my favourites. They have a few copies of the album at the Record Collector on Melrose, I never asked how much it was - a bit like going into Beatin' Rhythm and leaving debating getting a mortgage to pay for the tune except they're all NM at Record Collector.

Erik&Beth said...

The guy who runs (owns?) Record Collector on Melrose may be one of the biggest record store pricks I've ever had the displeasure of talking to