Saturday, 21 June 2008

Hi Perspective Expansions EP

It's like Bastille day on my Blog today, more goodness from the other side of the Channel

This Paris based band first came to my attention with their uplifting nu jazz remix of Nadirah Shakoor's Just a Breath Away

On this EP they begin with a cover of Lonnie Liston Smiths Expansions which takes enough elements from the original to make it recognisable but they've added some extra afrobeats and the vocals of Lorett Fleur to make it their own.

The 2nd track on side 1 has a gritty funk feel with Fred Wesley style trombone and features the vocals of Flatbush, Brooklyn's very own Maya Azecena singing on "This Time"

Side B features possibly Europes most prolific soul singer in the shape of Swedens Kissey Asplund who seems to crop up everywhere at the moment.Kissey lends her vocals to the nu soul groove of "Faster". On side B there is also a Yann Kesz remix of faster which gives it a futuristic broken soul twist.

Highly recommended and available from Fat City records in Manchester

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