Saturday, 28 June 2008

Tanya Morgan The Bridge

Despite the name Tanya Morgan are an all male 3 piece hip hop group consisting of Brooklynite Von Pea and Cincinnati residents Ilyas and Donwill.
In 2006 they debuted with the album Moonlighting containing the single “We be”

In 2008 they are back with an EP entitled “The Bridge”. Despite being classed as EP it has more quality in it than most full hip hop albums at the moment. It’s brimming with soulful “golden era” beats and rhymes, reminding me of Little Brothers “The Listening”. Highlights for me are We doin our...., Got to get done and a track that will get the soul boys and girls shuffling Be You featuring the vocals of Czelena.

The Bridge EP is out now, click on the post title for more details.

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